Take a look at the latest performance from our customer services teams

How we did in August

The average speed at which we answered customer calls remained relatively stable as we continue our investment in customer service & system improvements.

On the phone

Our call centres experience their busiest periods between 9am and 1pm and 4pm and 7pm. If you can, we’d encourage you to call outside of these hours to ensure your call is answered as quickly as possible. You may also find the answer to your question on our website. You can register to manage your accounts online; submit meter readings, pay your bills, book an engineer and much more.

Calls answered [1]

How many calls did we answer?

1,340,508 Calls last month

339,121 Calls last week

Speed of getting through

How long on average did it take to answer our calls?

42 seconds Last month

76 seconds Last week

Customer Call-backs

How many calls did we return?

83% Last month


Number of online activities

How many online activities did we action?

1,932,884 Transactions

Number of online visits

3,158,847 Visits

Bills sent electronically

46% Of bills sent last month

Resolving emails from energy customers [1]

84% Answered in 24 hours
93% Answered in 48 hours

Home Service visits

How many service visits did we make to customers' homes?

150,000 Boiler breakdowns

46,619 Home Electrical breakdowns

51,837 Plumbing & Drains breakdowns

225,732 Annual Service visits

4,654 Home insulation installations

6,567 Central heating installations

Customer contact resolution

How many issues did we resolve at the first point of contact?

77% Of contacts resolved

[1] Phone statistics representative of British Gas Residential and email statistics, British Gas Residential and British Gas Services combined.