British Gas is the nation’s largest energy provider but as a business we do more than just supply Britain’s homes and businesses with gas and electricity.

Here you can discover how and why we continue to invest in Britain’s skills, meet some of our partners and discover what we’re doing to support those most in need.

Or go behind the energy bill and see how profits are turned into investments, guaranteeing Britain’s energy supply for the future, keeping the country’s homes warm and the lights on.

Upgrading Britain's homes

In October 2012, British Gas launched a five-year partnership with Shelter, the housing and homelessness charity, to improve the living conditions for one million British households.

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We're focusing on Britain's skills

Discover the ways we're helping young people get back into work.

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Going behind the bill

Find out what makes up a British Gas bill, how our profits are turned into investments and the challenges facing Britain's energy future.

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We're focusing on Doreen and people like her in times of need

Discover how we are making life a little easier for those who need extra help.

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