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British Gas believes that everyone should be able to keep their homes warm and well-lit. Supporting those most in need is crucial to making a difference during these difficult economic times.

The British Gas Energy Trust is just one way we’re able to do this – and you don’t need to be a British Gas customer to be eligible for support.

The Trust provides grants to clear household debts such as outstanding energy bills and rent payments, as well as providing money for household essentials.

Open to those living in England, Scotland and Wales, the British Gas Energy Trust runs Energy Debt Advice Centres across Britain that provide support and assistance for those hoping to apply for a grant.

During 2012, 16,675 grants were made, totalling £10.5m. Learn more about the ways in which the Trust is working to tackle fuel poverty.

Another way we've been able to help is through the Community Energy Saving Programme (CESP) which targets households in areas of low income across Great Britain, to help improve energy efficiency standards, lower fuel bills and cut CO2 emissions.

As part of this initiative British Gas has invested £125 million in 95 projects to help reduce fuel poverty in some of these communities.

What does the Trust do?

Here you can learn more about the role of the Trust, how it’s funded and the people it can help.

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Energy Debt Advice Centres

Here you can learn more about the centres and how they help those in the community take advantage of the services they offer.

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Cheryl Brown

Meet Cheryl Brown

Find out how Cheryl’s home was transformed under the Community Energy Savings Programme (CESP) scheme, making her warm and toasty and saving her money on her energy bills.

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Meet Don

We’ve made Don’s home warmer and cheaper to heat. Find out how the CESP scheme has transformed his block of flats.

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