Your energy: from seabed to sitting room

Posted by British Gas in Energy

Have you ever thought about the energy that powers your home - ever wondered where it comes from and how far it’s travelled? Probably not, but it’s no easy task to get every light in you... Read more

Hedging explained

Posted by British Gas in News & Communications

At British Gas, we’re responsible for providing 9 million homes with gas and electricity. If we’re hit with a particularly chilly winter, we need to have enough energy for our customers ... Read more

Three ways to help keep the oceans clean

Posted by British Gas in Community

Each year The Wildlife Trust celebrates National Marine Week to raise awareness of the UK's sea animals and plants. Our oceans are full of fascinating marine life and we want to keep it that way... Read more

Toolbox essentials for the home

Posted by British Gas in Your Home

Whether you need to tighten up a loose screw, hang a picture frame to a wall or fix a broken radiator, every household will find a need for a well-equipped toolbox from time to time.  Some jo... Read more