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Our blog of the month series continues with insightful technology critic Christopher Roberts and his community of Technology Bloggers. This blog gives a rigorous critique of all things tech, representing technology bloggers right across the web. Christopher Roberts has been a great advocate of smart meters – which we're rolling out to all our customers.

“Smart meters are a technology that are transforming our understanding of energy, and how we use it. What they allow you to do is to work out how much energy you are using, and on what, much better than ever before.

Smart meters measure gas and electricity usage in your home, by replacing your old electricity and gas meter, with an all new one…”

You can read what he's got to say about them, and more, here:

We'll be featuring an exciting new blog every month, giving space for both up-and-coming and established bloggers to voice their opinions on everything from green energy to new technology.

Our blog of the month will be chosen based on passion, style and creativity so if you or someone you know fits the bill why not get in touch:

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British Gas

Dear Mr Meadows We have just spoken with our customer service team with regards to your problems and I understand this has now all been resolved via Sean Twigg. Once again, please accept our sincere apologies for all the inconvenience caused. Best regards Laura

British Gas

Dear Mr Meadows As detailed in my response to your other comments on our blog, we are very sorry to hear you've had a less than positive experience with British Gas. We will contact Ewan Campbell on your behalf to find out what's happened and help to get you a resolution asap. Thank you Laura

jim meadows

Ewan Cambell and the Glasgow call centre shirk responsibility and fail to take ownership of customer issues, along with Alan Linnup who has promised to ring me back since the 20th August. Terrible service. Nobody able to resolve my complaint. Shoddy installation and damage caused by technicians. I've even made it incredibly easy to resolve. Some one needs to get in touch ASAP. 7 call backs have been promised in the last two weeks. One of them actually happened. V. Poor.