British Gas Launches B2B Panel to Represent the Voice of Business Customers

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1000 strong business customer panel to advise on key issues.

Marking a major step forward in ensuring the voice of business is heard at the heart of British Gas, the company is today announcing the formation of a 1000 member Business Panel, which is open to all businesses whether they are British Gas customers or not.

The Panel marks the latest development in our commitment to listening to customers. We already talk to over 150,000 businesses a year through various forums and surveys. However, as the Residential Customer Panel illustrates, a dedicated panel for businesses will allow us to get even closer to our customers concerns and needs.

From talking to thousands of customers we already know some of their biggest frustrations. Top of their list is transparency on pricing, the renewal process, bill accuracy and customer service – and we are actively looking at addressing those concerns. They also tell us they want to hear about how they control their energy usage more, the role of smart metering and data analytics, as well as how best to use energy efficiency measures.

Our intention is that the panel will have 4 key elements:


Quarterly discussion forums on key topics which affect our customers and help develop service and products to better meet customers' needs.



Continuous access to a community area for Panel members to make comments about the energy industry and their experiences with British Gas.



Creation of a core group of 10-20 panel members who will be able to visit the British Gas operations centre, gain an in-depth understanding of how we work, and have an opportunity to give direct feedback to senior leaders.



Twist visits where British Gas Directors will visit panellist's businesses and learn first hand about how we can improve our service to them.


Kanat Emiroglu, Managing Director, British Gas Business said:“We know businesses are under real pressure at the moment, and we're doing what we can to help. The Panel will be a great way for us to get an even better understanding of our customers, their concerns and what they are looking for from us. More importantly I am committed to use this Panel to help shape how we do in the future and make sure we put our customers at the centre of our business.”

Businesses can join this panel by going to our website or by emailing us at:

British Gas is already making changes for its business customers, but we know we need to do more – we hope businesses will come and tell us what.

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