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At British Gas, we understand that the UK energy market can sometimes feel like a bit of a minefield. With so many companies competing for your attention, it might seem hard to know where to start. But that's why, as the nation's leading energy supplier, British Gas is always striving to give you the best deal available, not only financially, but when it comes to quality of care and customer service too. Heading into 2012, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get the great service you're looking for.

Paving the way for that, we've reduced the number of tariffs that we offer to make your choices easier. Gone are the complicated options, now you simply have to choose between a fixed or variable tariff type: fixed tariffs guaranteeing you a set price for a long term period, variable tariffs taking advantage of rising and falling energy prices. We hope that taking away the red tape will enable you to better manage your energy usage heading into the new year.

If you're one of our variable tariff customers, last week you'll hopefully have heard about our 5% electricity price drop. This decrease in prices across all our customers (unless you've agreed a special fixed rate) made us the cheapest major electricity supplier in the UK. We're aware that, given the current financial climate, every penny really does count right now. Despite the press, external factors, such as wholesale energy prices, mean that sometimes we do have to increase prices. But equally, when the market gets better, we want you to benefit from price decreases too. You can find out more about how it affects you here.

When it comes to cutting energy consumption and bills, the first thing consumers often think of is switching supplier. However you might be surprised at the amount you can save with the offers we've put together. There are discounts for everything from becoming a dual fuel customer, having British Gas supply both your gas and electricity, paying by Direct Debit and managing your account online – all things that are easy to do.

Something we're really proud of at British Gas are the extra services that we offer. Take our Homecare package, for example. Perhaps one of the biggest nightmares for any home owner, especially during the winter, is their boiler packing up. Sadly this can happen to us all, and the costs can be significant. That's why we offer boiler cover through Homecare. From just £10.50 a month, you can put aside any boiler worries and rest easy with the peace of mind that the cost of any boiler repairs are covered. If you choose to pay a little more, we'll take care of your central heating, plumbing and home electrics too. There are packages available with various service combinations so you can tailor the service to suit you, and not end up paying for protection you don't need.

So, as Big Energy Week helps you get the most out of your energy supply, we're offering a range of tariff options, insurance products and services to help look after your world.

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