How much will you save with the British Gas ECO tool?

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How much will you save with the British Gas eco-tool?

Want to improve your home’s energy efficiency and potentially save money in the process?

We’ve just launched a new tool to help you do just that! 

Our online tool will help explain what energy saving measures you could be entitled to under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) and the Green Deal – potentially saving you hundreds of pounds. 

You may be eligible for a new efficient boiler or loft and cavity wall insulation, saving you money as well as energy. Just by answering a few simple questions, the free tool, available to everyone including non-British Gas customers, will tell you if you meet the criteria. 

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) and the Green Deal are two new schemes backed by the Government aimed at reducing carbon emissions, tackling fuel poverty and meeting the upfront cost of making energy efficient home improvements. 

Managing director of British Gas New Energy Claire Williams said: “This new tool is a quick and free way to gain some really useful information about how to improve your home, cut energy use and help keep bills under control this winter and in the years to come.

With an estimated £1 in £4 spent on heating bills wasted due to poor insulation, British Gas is installing energy efficiency measures for all eligible households - not just our own customers – and we’re keen to help as many people as possible take advantage of these measures that are available under ECO and the Green Deal.”

Over the past five years, we’ve insulated three million homes and installed 65,000 new boilers. In our efforts to help people make their homes warmer and more energy efficient, we’ve committed to spend £300m on ECO in the first half of this year and we’re planning to invest a further £1.4billion by 2015.

Here are some top facts about ECO:

12 million homes in the UK are still without adequate loft and wall insulation 

Loft insulation can save up to £180 a year on your energy bill.  You could also save up to 720kg of CO2 every year 

Cavity wall insulation can save up to £140 a year on your energy bill.  You could also save up to 550kg of CO2 every year 

People with benefits including income-based job seeker's allowance, state pension credit or working/child tax credit (with an income of £15,860 or less) could be entitled to a new boiler under ECO

If you want to find out what you might be eligible for under ECO and the Green Deal, visit

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Isobel Fraser

I would like info on how to apply for a replacement combi boiler using eco funding, I have already had my Green Deal assessment done & have my EPC and Occupancy Certificate.I care for my eldely mother who lives with me and suffers from Alzhiemers' disease & is in receipt of pension credit. Present boiler works intermittently, we regularly have no heating & no hot water, I have been advised that we are eligible for this scheme, are you able to help? Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this.

Pauline Finlay-Barker

A I answered the questions and was asked do you collect nectar points, do you have a smart meter, are you on the right tarrif, due you have duel fuel etc????? it doesn't allow you to answer!!!!

Tony Kidger

I have a tenant that I believe qualifies for the boiler

Katharine Hanlon

am trying to get an ECO boiler grant for you to install a boiler. Site does not appear to deal with this. We have cavity and loft insulation but need a new boiler. This boiler is 27 years old, still working O.K., but t efficient.

Val Balmond

Hi there, I am at present looking for some help with having a much needed new boiler. I am 71 years of age and have heard that if my pensions amount to less than £15.000 I may be entitled to some help. Would you please reply to this message to give me some information on whether you may be able to help. Thanking you Val Balmond

Sara Weightman

I own a house in Co Durham where I think the tenant will be eligible for a new boiler under the ECO scheme. How do I proceed? thanks


I have just paid £320 towards the cost of a eco boiler. they told us the government grant was not full at the moment. I am wondering if the have conned me

Sharon Benjamin

I am very interseted in up grading my boiler and installing loft installation to the roof of my loft and top up the installation in my walls. I am not on any benefits but have very little funds at the end of the month. I received a letter from you yesterday and I was over the moon that this opportunity has come. If you do not want to intall I could possible do this my self but need help to remove the things that are in the loft at the moment. I would like my cavity walls fully done properly. I am home most Saturdays and would like you to send a Energy expert to my home and we can agree a suitable date and time for me to get the cavity walls and the loft done. Thanks Claire for writing to me it's these types of intiativies which can help a family long term.

Mrs Erica Currie

Am I eligible for loft insulation. Customer No. 85 00 25 99 14 17


Can you help me please I have put in for a eco boiler through the goverment scheme . We have had no hot water since july 16 The company came out and we showed him all our paper work and he told us we would be able to get a boiler due to being on a low income .I have phoned him a few times and he has told us the government has changed the goal posts . When he came to our house last week he is telling us that we have to pay £300 pound towards the boiler even tho on his website it says you might be eligible for a boiler. I need to no if he is lying to us or telling the true . .Do you do the eco boiler system with the goverment ? . Mrs Hawley