Pay as you go meters - top up your gas and electricity from home

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Pay as you go meters: top up your gas and electricity from home

Keeping track of your family’s energy usage can be tricky. While some of us are very conscientious about switching off lights and televisions when no-one is in the room, other members of the family, especially the ones without the responsibility of paying the bills, may have a more relaxed attitude.

To help make things easier we’ve introduced pay as you go meters. These meters allow you to pay for your gas and electric before you use it, making them a great way to manage the cost of your energy supply. They can also help you out if you are struggling to get back on top of all your weekly or monthly outgoings. 

If you do decide to have a pay as you go meter installed then we will provide you with all the information you need. We’ll give you full instructions on how to use your new device and will usually install the meter for free. Our Pay As You Go Energy tariff comes with a daily standing charge and a single unit rate to make it easier to understand how much you’re paying.

Here are the five main advantages to Pay as you go:

Helps you keep on top of your gas and electricity spend

The chance to pay on a weekly rather than a monthly or quarterly basis

An optional, tailored to you, debt-repayment scheme

Automatic meter resetting

A huge range of payment outlets and charging facilities

The main benefit of installing this type of meter is that you’re able to keep track of how much you’re spending. Gas prices and electricity prices are something we all need to be aware of and perhaps it might be more helpful to pay as you go in more manageable chunks, so that you’re not hit with unexpected bills. 

Sometimes, if customers owe us money and are unable to clear the debt through other repayment plans, we may suggest installing a prepayment meter. This means you can pay the money you owe at a fixed amount each week. 

There will be times when your meter will need resetting. Either we can calibrate your meter for you at an arranged time, or it can be done automatically. 

You can find out your nearest PayPoint facility on our website and you can also buy credit for your gas and electricity supply from payzone and the Post Office. 

We’re always trying to offer you the best payment option to suit your needs. So if you think that a pay as you go meter might be the best way to pay for your energy, then why not call us on 0800 048 0303. We’re full of bright ideas when it comes to saving energy and reducing your bills.

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Gwendoline Yates

I used to be able to top up my electric meter on line but caan no longer do so. The stsff have been most unhelpful. I cannot get out to topup at a shop or post office.

maria stevenson

I noticed when I topped my meter that B1 is appearing on the display panel what does this mean?

angie palmer

i have a gas meter which i have a card for but the other day i put my card in and then i noticed it came up at the top with battery and i do not know what it means

Mrs S Tanton

I have a meters for gas and electric for many years but would now prefer to have quaterly bills please

Nicholas Percy

The meters are read automatically so why can you not allow people to monitor the cards amount online and top up online ??? If you can monitor online you could also send people text alerts when a lower limit reached so they know to top up. At present card has to be kept in machine and if machine is outside or in a garage then hard to keep track if your busy. You need to allow top up online / smart phone and text alerts when lower limit reached so people can top up with convenience. You have a lot to learn about human behaviour and embracing new technology to help people. Not everyone wants a PrePay meter but stuck with them if already installed as you cannot not find people in your credit check system. Does'nt matter now any how as another provider was able to check my credit and offer me Duel fuel and change the meters. Only issue have to wait upto 5 weeks to swop them....!! So still have to run to the shop in the rain when boiler stops....


Can you please simplify your website. I want to find out what the standing charge is for pay as you go gas and electricity, but after nearly 30 minutes of searching, I still haven't found it. Your website is infuriating.

Joan Welsh

I wish to pay my Gas and Electricity on line

aiysha patel

I would like to top up my electric

julie wilson

I am going to be the new tennent in 5/7 valder grove edonburgh and need someone out to clear the debt on it.

Petula Wombwell

I already pay both my gas and electricity through british gas by key and card and find it wonderful, however we had a power cut after the storm on saturday and on Sunday morning when I went to top up my meter there was not reading to say what was left or anything. Just a blank green screen. I called the number above and was told I had to wait until my electricity went off before I could contact you. My problem here is that I do not have a land line phone and it runs out my credit on the mobile to call and 0800 number or 0845 . My other thought though is maybe it wont run out then what is going to happen . surely you would want to arrange for some one to come see and put it right. my contact number is 07766130970 - I am at work but I can be at home within ten minutes Kind regards Tula Kind regards