Control your heating on the move from your mobile or PC with remote heating control

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Wouldn't it be great if your heating could be controlled remotely so that if it was unexpectedly hot or cold, you could turn your heating on or off from any location? Well now you can, thanks to our remote heating control - available to all our customers.


As the not-so-great British summer continues to keep us all on our toes, while it’s impossible to control the weather now you can remotely control your central heating via a laptop, mobile, smartphone or iPad.  


Research conducted by British Gas shows households that leave their boiler on whilst at work or during a weekend away spend on average £140 more a year on energy bills. Remote heating control gives customers greater control over their energy use and could help you to reduce bills by only heating your home when necessary.  Avoid wasting money on heating an empty house by turning the heating on from your PC before leaving work or via a smartphone just before returning from holiday to ensure the house is nice and toasty for your arrival.


With remote heating control you can adjust your heating with a smartphone app, set a schedule for your home’s temperature on a PC or laptop and turn your boiler on or off via text message! 


Dean Keeling, Managing Director of British Gas Smart Homes, said:


“With the British weather as unpredictable as ever, remote heating control will give customers greater peace of mind by allowing them to schedule and adjust their heating on the go, so they only need to heat their home when they need to.”


Remote heating control, developed with smart home technology partner, AlertMe, is one of many innovations that British Gas is developing in order to help its customers feel more in control of their home.


Other innovations from British Gas include Safe & Secure, a new wireless home security system which will allow customers to monitor their home in real time and send alerts via text or email if an alarm is triggered. 


Pricing for remote heating control starts from £149(1). This will give you a wireless-enabled programmable thermostat, a home hub and installation by a British Gas engineer. To find out more, click here or call us on 0800 975 8068.



(1) Price £149 when purchased with a new central heating installation and £199 for other customers with existing British Gas Energy or British Gas Services accounts, £229 for new customers. Price includes installation.

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British Gas

Hi Helen Yes - our Remote Heating Control is available to everyone, both British Gas and non British Gas customers alike. However it is cheaper for existing British Gas customers. For more information on the product, and how to purchase it, just click here: Thank you Laura

Helen Morse

This sounds a good idea but is it available to all customers, including the elderly?

Johhny Wilder

Hi. The content is quite useful