Swimming with British Gas

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Here at British Gas we are committed to looking after your world and we love hearing positive feedback from our customers.

One customer was so happy with their free swim experience that they wrote a poem about it.




British Gas are very versatile,

Cover heating, fires, home and at school,

The latest we found they are giving,

Is a free swim in a local pool.

I chose the Marriott Hotel,

Took Tracy and Zach along in their coats,

Now Zach is a real water baby,

He grins, and splashes and floats.

A lovely pool, have now joined the club there,

I can go whenever I like,

Take guests too, a spa pool and sauna,

Free towels, all fluffy and white.

So thanks to British Gas offer,

A healthy winter for one and all,

Keep fit and enjoy ourselves,

No need to play football.


Thank you Brenda for your great poem! Please visit our website to discover more about British Gas's commitment to swimming.

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