Switch to Direct Debit, help a charity and get a Big Break – all in one!

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Would you like to have a little more control of your energy bill, spreading costs more evenly across the months in order to suit your budget? Would you like to help out a charitable cause? Would you like to take home a large cash prize? If the answer to one or more of these questions is yes, then read on...

This spring British Gas is taking part in the national Big Break incentive, a campaign aimed at highlighting the benefits of switching to a monthly Direct Debit scheme for customers of all kinds. British Gas are one of the largest businesses involved in the project, and the only utilities company to take part.  
From 30 March until 28 June, any existing British Gas customers switching to Direct Debit will not only get the added security of knowing that their energy bills will be handled monthly without accumulating into quarterly sums, but they will also be automatically entered into a draw to win £10,000!

What’s more, for every person who makes the switch during this period, British Gas will donate 50p to SHELTER to help them in their work providing support and refuge for homeless people across the UK.

But the activity doesn’t stop there. If you know someone who deserves a Big Break – someone who regularly helps others or has overcome significant adversity and should be recognised for that fact – you can nominate them to win a £1,000 thank you!

Anyone can be put forward (although you can't nominate yourself) and there are nine prizes to be awarded. Every nomination will also count towards a charitable donation to Marie Cure Cancer Care made at the end of the year.

Click here to get involved and help someone you know!

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Alan Bibb

I am making an enquiry for my sister who has your duel fuel.She wishes to change to direct debit.She has not got a PC.so i am her brother and will use my email she his 93 years old and is for getting to pay her bills.

Herbert Dadge

I was on direct debit. My bank Santander stopped my payments. Due to lack of funds. I. Would like to know the dates when the bill is paid. I do not know how to read the metre. To send a metre reading