Electricity monitoring with Panoramic Power 

If you can measure it, you can manage it.

Our wireless electricity monitoring offers granular, device-level monitoring of your electricity usage through an affordable, easy to implement platform. With the increased visibility, you’ll benefit from:

  • Insight into your energy usage and waste - Visibility of your energy consumption will help you to reduce consumption and peak demand. You’ll reduce energy costs and your carbon footprint.
  • Optimising your operational efficiency - Monitoring the energy performance of your equipment allows you to detect faults before failure occurs. Preventative maintenance will save costs and downtime.
  • Energy performance benchmarking - By monitoring sites that do similar business, we can recommend changes to make all sites as efficient as possible.

How does energy monitoring work?

Small sensors are attached to the wires that feed each device at your site. These send data to the cloud every 10 seconds.

You can access the real time data and get recommendations on optimising energy efficiency through an online portal accessed from your computer, tablet or smart phone.

Use in commercial buildings

Panoramic Power's device level energy data helps reduce commercial buildings’ energy costs significantly by monitoring, managing and reporting on energy use across the enterprise. Panoramic Power helps you improve operations and maximise efficiency across your entire ecosystem. It optimises the key assets consuming energy, from HVAC and elevators, to air handlers, servers and security systems.

Features and benefits

  • Predictive maintenance - Identify unseen problems and predict failures and operational anomalies through real-time alerts
  • Real-time energy monitoring - Reduce energy waste and increase system reliability. See off-hour energy consumption and benchmark units to spot inefficiencies.
  • Pinpoint real-time energy savings - Device level energy data detects energy waste and delivers benchmarking data that helps improve energy consumption per device, building or commercial campus.
  • Comply with energy disclosure laws with granular energy data and historical reports.
  • Optimize maintenance by monitoring technicians’ corrective actions and by comparing the efficiency of systems and prioritise maintenance visits.

Alerts and reporting

We send customers periodical customised reports that summarise consumption, compare consumption by system, site, or load and/or use calculated benchmarks to develop actionable insights.

  • Real time alerts
  • Email or text notifications show anomalies in energy consumption
  • Scheduled automated reporting

New construction connections

We know that the construction industry has unique requirements when it comes to connections and metering. Our aim is to simplify those processes for you. Everything from specialist meters and infrastructure to flexible contracts will be managed, coordinated and executed to exacting standards.

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