Company: British Gas Business

Contact name: Noam Bleicher

Time with us: Twelve years

Role: Data Planner

Location: Oxford


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British Gas Business Oxford office video transcript

Before relocating to its new, environmentally friendly headquarters in Oxford, the British Gas Business staff formed a “Green Team” to look at ways of cutting energy consumption and raising awareness of green initiatives with colleagues. Noam Bleicher and Bob Gambles were members of the Green Team in the British Gas Business Oxford office.

“There were Green Teams throughout British Gas Business and Centrica offices,” says Noam, “I led the Oxford team for three years.

We co-ordinated energy efficiency and green initiatives in the office – from encouraging recycling to getting more people to travel sustainably to work. We used a combination of posters, stickers and emails to get the message through, whether it’s for cutting waste or switching off appliances at night.

It can take time to change people’s behaviour but they are generally very responsive and attitudes have changed a lot over the years. People are not only more aware of green issues; it’s all part of being an environmentally responsible company.”

Anyone is welcome and there’s no obligation to take part. Most people joined a Green Team because they wanted to help make a difference.

How small things can make a big difference

“It is the small behavioural changes that can have a real impact,” says Noam Bleicher, data planner. Even the simplest measures can culminate in energy reductions, and in British Gas we witnessed energy savings in one particular building of over 30%.

We were entered in a European Union competition and won Gold in the Energy Trophy for saving the highest percentage of energy using cost-free measures. It's an achievement I'm really proud of – all those small things really added up.”

You can make big savings without having to spend a lot of money.”

We focused activities around World Environment Day on June 5th. The theme was Carbon Footprint Reduction. We also launched a 'Slim the Bill' campaign aimed at getting more people to recycle, so we will send less to landfill

We worked closely with the Facilities Management team to help implement our initiatives. We wanted everyone to use resources more efficiently and cut unnecessary waste. Even turning a PC off at night can help save valuable energy and cut costs.”


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