Businesses like yours are the life-blood of the UK economy and your success is critical to its recovery. But your business can't succeed without a steady flow of cash.

Here are some tips to help with your company’s cash flow.

Simple steps to help your business cash flow

1. Forecast and budget ahead

Start by forecasting and budgeting for your energy cost. Get a fixed process where you can and take advantage of any discounts from prompt payment or paying by Direct Debit.


Pay by Direct Debit

Forecast and budget ahead

2. Submit regular meter reads

Give your supplier regular meter readings to make sure you pay for the enery you use.


Submit meter read

Submit regular meter reads

3. Report issue promptly

Tell your supplier as soon as you're having a cash flow issue and they'll usually be able to help you with short-term measures.

Help paying your bill

Report issue promptly

4. Check your renewal terms

Review your contract terms carefully and if you've got any questions ask your supplier.

Renewing made easy

Check your renewal terms

5. Get energy efficient

Invest in energy efficiency measures and cut your bills. Simple changes can help you make savings and improve the amount of cash you have available.


Make energy savings

Get energy efficient
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