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We're listening – Our complaints handling procedure
If you would like to make a complaint about our energy (gas and electricity) products and services, this leaflet gives you the information you need.

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Bright ideas
Information on how to save energy and reduce your energy bills, along with details on our commitment to energy efficiency is all included within this booklet.

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Pay As You Go Energy™
For details on Pay As You Go Energy™ meters and who to contact if you are interested in changing to this payment method, please refer to this leaflet.

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British Gas calling
Information on what to check before allowing one of our representatives into your home.
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Lots of ways to pay
For full details on how to pay your gas or electricity bill and information to help you if you are unable to do this, please see attached leaflet.

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Ways we can Help at British Gas
Useful advice and telephone numbers that may be of interest if you are older, disabled or living with an illness. This leaflet also includes information on free gas safety checks.

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Standards of performance 2013/2014
For information on the services we provide, the levels of customer care we guarantee and what you are entitled to from the companies that maintain your pipes and cables.

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A Guide to switching your energy supplier
For a simple step by step guide to the energy switching process.

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Annual Consumer Complaint Report
This is a copy of our Annual Consumer Complaint Report which shows how we are meeting our obligations under the Gas and Electricity (Consumer Complaints Handling Standards) Regulations 2008.
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Code of practice for accurate bills
The code of practice for Accurate Bills outlines the key commitments given by energy suppliers to provide accurate bills as well as your obligations as an energy customer. The membership of the code currently includes British Gas (including Scottish Gas), EDF Energy, E.ON, npower and Scottish Power.
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Back billing for domestic customers
This document compliments the Code of Practice for Accurate Bills and reflects the principles which most of the major energy suppliers apply in relation to back-billing for unbilled energy consumed more than 1 year previous to the bill being issued.
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