Commercial electricity supply and electricity meter installation

Commercial electricity supply and electricity meter installation

Is your business in need of a new electricity meter or supply?

An expert project team will help to organise your new commercial electricity supply or install your new commercial electricity meter.  From your application form to full installation, we’ll make sure everything is looked after to industry standards.

A step-by-step guide to getting connected

1. Requesting an electricity supply

(Over the phone)

Your project team will guide you through how to complete the application form and check your service availability with the local electricity Distribution Network Owner (DNO).

Requesting an electricity supply

2. Laying your new cables

(Timescales agreed with your DNO)

If new electricity cables are needed and you’re happy with your quote, your DNO will tell you how long it will take to install them (this can take up to 12 weeks). You’ll then be given a Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN). We’ll need this before we can start work and fit your new electricity meter.

Laying your new cables

3. Getting your new contract

(1 - 2 working days)

We’ll match our service and expertise to the needs of your business. This means we can offer you our best products and prices. By analysing the way you use energy, we can work out exactly what you need and help you deliver long-term benefits and savings.

Getting your new contract

4. Installing a new meter

(10-15 working days)

If you require a new electricity meter, your project team will organise this using one of our approved service providers. Every new meter is enabled with the latest technology, which means we’ll also supply you with a smart meter as standard.

Installing a new meter

5. Completion

(5 - 6 weeks)

Your project team will call you on completion to make sure you’re happy with the work carried out. Once you’re fully connected and on supply, an Account Manager will take over and be on hand to answer any questions about your account.


The above timeframe is for standard metering only, larger meter requirements can extend this timescale to 20 working days. After a quotation for physical work, you may have to cover the cost of road traffic management and road closure licences as required by the local authority. Our Siteworks Terms & conditions apply (PDF, 573KB). The above timeframes are estimates for guidance only, they may differ from time finally committed.

What we do

Our project team can help to source, connect and supply your electricity.


  • If you don’t have an existing electricity supply, we can arrange and fit your new cables, connection and electricity meter.
  • Once laid, your new electricity cable can terminate at more than one supply point


  • To use  your new electricity service, you’ll need a new meter. For us to install it, we’ll need your Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN). The company that lays your new cable can tell you this number


  • We can increase or change any existing installation.

Expert advice and support throughout

Expert advice and support throughout

Our project team will talk you through what you need, establish a plan and explain how to get started. They’ll also show you how to fill in the application form – so we give you a clear and accurate quote, and make sure work is approved and delivered on time. We’re only ever a phone call away.


Looking after your safety

Looking after your safety

To ensure your safety, we only work with service providers who meet our strict HSE standards. We also audit our providers regularly to make sure they hold the necessary accreditation. It’s what makes us one of the industry leaders in safety.

Smart meters

We're signatories to the Smart Meter Installation Code of Practice (SMICoP), which means we're committed to making the installation process clear and easy for our customers. Find out more about SMICoP.

Once your new smart meter has been fitted and is communicating with us, you can benefit from the following: 

  • Automated meter readings
  • Accurate bills
  • The ability to manage energy budgets more easily

You can request for a smart meter to be installed at your business by completing our online form

As a responsible energy supplier, we're dedicated to helping you use less energy and lower your bills. Find out more about energy efficiency