What is the British Gas Energy Trust?

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What does the trust do?

The British Gas Energy Trust, which incorporates the Scottish Gas Energy Trust, is a registered charity. Operating since 2004, the Trust helps individuals and families in poverty, suffering or other distress who are struggling to pay their gas and/or electricity debts.

The Trust helps by giving grants to:

  • Clear gas and electricity debts.
  • Clear other priority household debts or purchase essential household items. These payments are known as Further Assistance Payments (FAPs).

The aim of the Trust is to give vulnerable individuals and families a fresh start and enable them to remain debt free.

At British Gas, we've made annual donations to this fund since 2004 and in total we’ve contributed more than £78 million.

How to apply for a grant

You may be eligible to apply for a grant to help with household debts or to repair or replace essential home appliances including boilers and washing machines. It’s a good idea to get help from your local Citizens Advice Bureau, or one of the Energy Advice Centres listed below, when you’re completing your application form. 

Get more information and apply for a grant or call 01733 421060.

Energy Advice Centres

We've been working to understand how best to support local communities and as a result the Trust awarded grants to 15 voluntary organisations to provide specialist fuel debt advice within communities including the submission of robust applications to the Trust on behalf of clients

Where are the Centres located?
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