How do I top up using Home Energy Top Up?

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How do I top up?

To add credit to your meter using Home Energy Top Up:

  1. Go to Home Energy Top Up.
  2. Click the green ‘Top up’ button under the picture of the two Home Energy Top Up connectors.
  3. Log in with your email address and password.
  4. Click the green ‘Top up’ button.
  5. Plug in the connector for gas or electricity into the USB port on your computer and insert your card or key.
  6. Click ‘Top up electricity’ or ‘Top up gas’.
  7. Choose or enter the amount you want to top up. You can use a debit card you’ve registered or a new card to make your payment. Click ‘Continue’.
  8. Review the payment details on the next page, then click ‘Confirm’.
  9. Your payment will now be verified by your bank. You may be asked to enter a password you set up with your bank to authorise your payment.
  10. Once your top up is completed, you can insert your gas card or electricity key into your meter to use your credit. You can also choose to top up another fuel.


How much can I top up?

  • You can top up between £5 (minimum) and £49 (maximum).
  • You can only top up in whole pounds. For instance, you can't top up £48.50.


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