How can I save energy without spending any money?

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You don’t always have to spend money to become more energy efficient. Making simple changes to the way you use energy can cut down your energy usage and reduce your bills. These are some of our top tips on how to save energy without spending a penny:

  • Switch off or unplug any appliances you don’t need on. If they have a standy-by light, a display or are hot to the touch they’ll be using energy just by being plugged in.
  • Hang your washing up to dry outside if you can. If you need to use a radiator then avoid putting the clothes directly on the radiator, which can make it work harder to provide the same level of heating.
  • Empty your vacuum cleaner regularly. A full one will use more energy than an empty one to do the same job, as it will take longer to do the same amount of work, as well as being more likely to break down.
  • Set your fridge at 3-5°C and your freezer at -18°C to make sure they’re working at their best. Make sure you dust regularly around the back as this can affect your fridge’s efficiency.
  • Turn off your oven 5-10 minutes before the scheduled end cooking time, depending on the total time your food has had in there. Ovens are one of the most energy-hungry appliances in the home and you can use the built up heat to finish the cooking.
  • Close your curtains and shut your doors during cold weather, to keep heat in the rooms you’re using.
  • Switch off the lights when you leave a room and replace old bulbs with energy efficient ones.

Watch our efficient heating video for more tips to save energy or find out how smart meters can help you see the difference these energy saving tips make in your home, using a Smart Energy Report.


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