How should I set up electric storage heaters?

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Storage heaters are designed to build up energy during off-peak periods, usually overnight if you have an Economy 7 meter. It’s important to get the settings right to make sure you’re saving as much energy and money as possible.

Storage heater basics

  • Most storage heaters have a separate ‘on’/’off’ switch on the wall next to them. The switch should be left in the ‘on’ position throughout the times of year that you regularly need heating.
  • You can control storage heaters individually. This means you can choose different heat settings for different rooms.

Storage heater settings

Most storage heaters have two controls. They are usually on the top right-hand side of the heater, sometimes under a flap:

'Input' (or 'charge control')
'Output' (or 'boost')

Safe use of storage heaters

  • Fit a guard if young children, elderly or infirm people may be left unsupervised in the vicinity of the heater.
  • Never cover the surfaces of the heater or obstruct air grilles.
  • Make sure there’s a gap of at least 150mm (6") between your curtains and the top of the heater.
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