What can I do to draught proof my home?

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There are several ways you can prevent draughts and spending under £10 could save you considerably more each year. You can lose as much as 15% of heat through doors and floors, 35% through the walls and 25% through the roof.

Draughts can be found in windows, doors, loft hatches, floorboards, ceiling-to-wall joints, pipe work leading out of your home, and electrical fittings on walls and ceilings. Here are some top tips to prevent draughts in some of these areas:

Windows and doors:

  • If you don’t have double glazing  secondary glazing film on your windows is a cheaper alternative. This is a roll of clear film you stretch across your windows and heat up with a hairdryer to shrink into place turning into a transparent coating.
  • If you have gaps around window or door frames seal these using foam strip. Cut it to size and as it’s self-adhesive, just stick into place.
  • Create your own draught excluder using a piece of fabric like an old jumper sleeve or a pair of tights. Fill it with old clothes or dry rice, close off the ends, and place next to draughty doors and windows.
  • You can reduce draughts through doors further by using letterbox and keyhole covers.
  • Keep windows shut when you don’t need them open, and remember to close doors behind you to keep draughts to a minimum.


  • You can use sealant to fill gaps in floorboards or under your skirting boards, which could save you up to £25 each year.

In addition to these low cost DIY tips, making sure your walls and loft are insulated could save you a considerable amount on your energy bills. Find out more about home insulation.

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