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We work with many leading brands to offer a range of boilers to suit any home.

All are A-rated for efficiency and rigorously tested by British Gas and the manufacturers.

Take a look at our range below and then book an appointment with a Heating Adviser, who can help you choose the right boiler for you.

Heating accessories

Controlling your heating

Our range of controls allow you to manage your heating in a way that suits you.

Your heating controls let you choose the temperature of the rooms and hot water in your home and when your heating is turned on and off.

By ensuring that energy is only used when it is needed, the correct controls can reduce your carbon footprint and save you up to £150* a year on your energy bills.

We also offer Hive Active Heating™, which allows you to control your heating and hot water anytime and anywhere using your mobile, tablet and laptop.

*Source: Energy Saving Trust (9/14)


This one-time deep clean can make your central heating system more efficient and less likely to break down.

Built up corrosion can seriously harm the efficiency of your boiler. During a PowerFlush, water mixed with cleaning agents is pumped through your system at high pressure to dislodge and remove any sludge blocking the pipes. The mixture is then drained and your system is re-filled with clean water.

This one-off deep clean guards against future corrosion, reduces the risk of breakdowns and removes any radiator cold spots.

Remember to ask your Heating Adviser about the benefits of a PowerFlush when you book an appointment for a new boiler quote.

Magnetic filter

Continually removes dirt and debris from your system before it causes damage to your boiler.

A magnetic filter automatically removes debris from your central heating system before it causes damage to your boiler and controls. The debris mainly consist of small particles of iron from inside your radiator caused by corrosion. Our magnetic filters come with a lifetime warranty for as long as you have British Gas HomeCare cover. No ongoing maintenance costs are needed, as all it requires is a simple clean during your annual service.

Remember to ask your Heating Adviser about the benefits of a magnetic filter when you book an appointment for a new boiler quote.

Reasons to choose British Gas

Fixed price quote

We guarantee a fixed price - with no hidden surprises.


Free aftercare included for your boiler and heating.


Priority installation dates for those in need.


Our experts leave your home clean and safe.

* 5008 respondents between 1st July - 31st July 2014.