Help reduce your energy bills by up to £145 a year[1]

Cavity wall insulation

Cavity wall insulation acts as a blanket to help stop heat escaping through the walls of your home. Insulating your home isn’t a one off saving either, it will keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, helping
you to save money on your energy bills year after year.

It’s simple to install and usually takes less than a day.[2] Cavity Wall Insulation is a filling blown into the gap between your exterior wall, so there’s little fuss or mess.

The benefits

  • Save up to £145[1] a year on your energy bills.
  • Save around 550kg of CO2 every year.
  • It's quick and usually only takes less than a day.
  • Convenient and hassle free installation and we tidy up after.
  • Helps reduce heat loss.

Is my home suitable?

  • If your property was built between 1932 and 1982 then you are likely to have cavity walls.
  • If the thickness of your wall is greater than 11 inches then the likelihood of the property having a cavity is high.
  • If the bricks in your house are the same length and are facing the same direction then your house is more than likely to have cavity walls.

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[1] Savings figure source, (03/13). Actual savings depend on individual circumstances.

[2] British Gas install in mainland Great Britain only. Not all homes are suitable for insulation.