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Our comparison tool allows you to clearly see how your rates are affected depending on:

  • The way you choose to pay.
  • The benefits and premiums of our fixed tariffs.
  • The discount applied if you choose to buy gas and electricity together.[1]

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Award winning service

Award winning service

British Gas was named the winner of the 'Best Utility Supplier' in the 2013 IMRG eCommerce awards for excellence, the UK's industry association for online retail.

Free smartphone App

Free smartphone App

It's simple to submit your meter readings, view your balance, track your energy usage, book an engineer visit and track the status of your appointment.

Direct Debit Dashboard

Direct Debit Dashboard

You can check the status of your plan, request a refund if you're in credit and change your payments.

Save with EnergySmart™

Save with EnergySmart™

Add EnergySmart™ and save up to £105[2] with accurate monthly billing.

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Need more help?

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[1] Where you have both gas and electricity with us at the same property, you'll receive one Dual Fuel discount of £15 per year (including VAT). The discount will be continuously applied to your bill throughout your billing period if you use a credit meter or applied to your meter at least once a year if you use a prepayment meter. If you cancel this agreement (for example by switching to another energy supplier), you will receive a Dual Fuel discount for the number of days you have been with us during that one year period.

[2] Savings of up to £105 can be achieved by reducing consumption by 12% by using the EnergySmart™ online consumption hub, based on average annual consumption of 12,500 kWh for gas and 3,100 kWh for single rate electricity, paying by Monthly Direct Debit on our Standard tariff prices as at 27th August 2015, rounded average across all regions including VAT. Actual energy savings will vary depending on individual circumstances.

The Tariff Comparison Rate (TCR) is a single figure that represents the cost per kWh that a typical consumer would incur on this tariff. It is based on an assumed consumption level of 12,500 kWh for gas and 3,100 kWh for electricity and includes the unit rates and standing charges of the tariff, along with certain types of discounts and bundled products and services. It can be used as an approximate guide for comparing tariffs and is not an actual price. You can find the TCR of your current tariff on your bill or annual statement. Further explanation of the TCR can be found below.

Included in TCR calculation:

  • Payment method
  • Unit rate
  • Standing charge
  • Dual Fuel discount

Excluded from TCR calculation:

  • Exit fee
  • Late payment fee
  • Additional products & services (e.g. Gift cards and Nectar points)

** Based on 2,525 responses between 19/08/2014 & 18/11/2014.

88% of customers recommend their online account**. See below for more detail on how they rate it. Reevoo

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I have always found my online account easy to use & would/have recommended to family & friends
Published on: 27 September 2015
(4 out of 10)


The trouble I had when I set up the account moving house was horrendous. Would not like to go through that again. Have not moved to another supplier as would be far too stressful
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Published on: 23 September 2015
(5 out of 10)


Suggest online account so that customer can monitor B.G. when they stealthly try to increase payments on set agreed tariff and payment. also monitor calls to customer services who appear to be pretty appaulling at getting things put right and when agreed still cant get it right !!!!
3 of 3 people found this review helpful
Published on: 23 September 2015
(1 out of 10)


Can't stand companies who simply want the maximum return it can get away with for the minimum level of service it can possibly get away with
Published on: 23 September 2015

Hi Trevor, I'm sorry you feel you're not getting the best service. It's quite disappointing to read. If you need me to look at anything for you please email your details to and include the reference number 300042086450 in the email. Thanks, Danny

(4 out of 10)


Newport Shropshire
I have had, and am still having a really bad experience with British Gas so much so that I have been forced to visit my local CAB. The problem I am experiencing was caused by believing the information I was reading online which told me time and time again that I was well in credit with both electric and gas, then I received the news that I was over £500 in debit, this was a great shock to me being a pensioner and on a fixed income. Had I been informed of the situation in good time, I would have increased my direct debit payments. I have registered my dissatisfaction to BG but no action has been forthcoming. I am very concerned with my situation!
3 of 3 people found this review helpful
Published on: 23 September 2015