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£159 for British Gas energy customers. Hive is available for everyone else too at £199.

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What is Hive?

Hive Active Heating™ is built for busy lives. Using innovative technology it lets you control your heating and hot water remotely from your smartphone, tablet and laptop.

Its award-winning technology means you can control your heating wherever you are. With Hive, there's no need to heat an empty home, or come back to a cold one. And if you've got a separate hot water tank you can use Hive for that too.

Hive works with your existing heating system and your existing energy supplier so it's super convenient!

Buy Hive Active Heating™

The clever heating and hot water control that could save you up to £150

Save up to £150 a year

Because you’ll never need to heat an empty home again, you could save up to £150 a year on your heating bills.

Installation included

We’ll install it for you, and have it working in your home in about 90 minutes – you just pick the date and time that works best for you.

No need to switch

If you’re a British Gas energy customer you can get Hive for £159. If you’re not with British Gas you can still get Hive for £199.

Easy to set up

Hive works with your existing heating system and with any energy supplier.

What you'll get - the Hive kit

A Hive wireless thermostat

A wireless thermostat

Works just like a standard thermostat, you can change the temperature and adjust your heating schedule when you're at home.

A Hive internet connection hub

A hub

This plugs into your broadband router, so your thermostat can connect to the internet. We’ll set this up for you as part of the installation.

A Hive receiver

A receiver

The receiver lets your thermostat and boiler ‘talk’ to each other. It’s usually fitted near your boiler out of the way.

...And a great little app full of amazing features

A smartphone with the Hive smartphone app
  • Schedule
    Set a heating and hot water schedule to fit in with your life.
  • Hot water & boost
    Control your hot water so it's always the right temperature or use the Hive boost button.
  • Geolocation
    Uses your phone’s location settings to remind you to turn your heating on before you get home, or off if you’ve left it on when you go out.
  • Weather
    Check what the weather at home is doing whenever you’re away and adjust your heating to suit.
  • Frost protection
    Activates when your heating’s off and the inside temperature dips below 5°C – protecting your pipes from freezing.
  • Email alerts
    Set temperature alerts and Hive lets you know by email when it’s getting too hot or cold.

Available to download on:

Buy Hive Active Heating™

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Award winning heating control

Our app has been successful in winning several awards

UK Customer Experience

Recognising excellence in customer experience across a variety of industries. Hive won awards in New Product Development and Technology categories.

Appster Awards

Appsters overall champion of 2014, recognising excellence in app design
The Hive app scooped up 3 awards in total.

We're here to help

Frequently asked questions

Q. Is Hive Active Heating™ compatible with all types of boiler?

A: Hive works with the vast majority of boilers. When our engineer comes to do your installation they will make sure everything works correctly before leaving.

Q. Will my heating switch off if my broadband is turned off or stops working?

A: No, your heating will continue to work but you should make any changes to your heating settings on the thermostat itself (rather than use Hive online or your smartphone).

Q. Can the Hive Active Heating™ hub use a wireless connection to connect to the internet?

A: No, your hub needs to be physically connected to your router using a network cable (like the one provided with your hub).