When did you last have an inspection of the electrical wiring and fittings in your home? Wiring regulations which document electrical safety practices were updated in 2008. Whilst adherence to these regulations is not mandatory, you may wish to consider some of the regulation changes which are in place in order to protect you. So whether you need a fuse board upgrade or an entire circuit  or house rewired, you can trust our expert electricians to do it for you.

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Upgrading to an RCD protected fuse board will make your home safer, protecting you from the risk of electric shock & electrical fire. Many homes still have old style fuse boxes putting occupants at unnecessary risk from electrical accidents.

A switched fused spur is an electrical switch with an in-built fuse designed to connect appliances to the electrical circuit, removing  the need for a plug and socket. It is also used so that that the appliance can be isolated for safety and maintenance purposes.

RCD's are 'trips' that switch off the power supply in the event of an earth fault. If you do not have RCD protection at your fuse board we can install a socket outlet that has inbuilt RCD protection for any equipment that is plugged into it.

These are a highly recommended and useful safety provision for equipment such as lawnmowers and garden strimmers etc.

What we can do

  • Replacing fuse boards.
  • Installation of new power sockets and lighting circuits.
  • Partial or full property rewires.
  • Fitting of a Fused Spur.
  • Installation of a Smoke Detector.
  • Fitting of socket outlets with RCD protection.

What we don't do

  • Commercial / Industrial work.
  • Electrical gates / garage doors.
  • Emergency lighting.
  • Swimming pools.
  • Any work within underground cables.


Regulation change upgrades that you may wish to consider

All 13amp socket outlets are recommended to have RCD protection (30ma rated)

RCD's are 'trips' within your socket outlets which switch off the power supply in the event of an earth fault. As sockets supply handheld equipment, as well as metal cased appliances (washing machines, cookers etc), these are a highly recommended and useful safety provision.

All sockets provided for use outdoors and open to the elements should be of a weatherproof construction

This is to prevent rain and other debris getting inside of the socket as water and electricity can be a lethal combination.

All circuits that incorporate cables that are ‘buried’ in plasterwork (if at a depth of 50mm or less) must be protected by a 30ma RCD

This is to provide protection should the hidden cables be damaged by a screw, nail or a pin etc.

A protective bonding conductor is required to connect your metallic services (incoming gas and water pipes etc) to your electrical earth

This is a measure to reduce the risk of electric shock from gas or water installations within your property.

For more information or to book an electrician, call us on 0800 072 0819

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