Clever heating & hot water control £159 for British gas energy customers. Hive is available to everyone else too at £199. Buy now. £40 off
Smartphone app

We've all seen how technology has changed the way we live our lives - from email to shopping, airport check-in, music & TV. Everything these days seems to be controlled by an app which has given us so much more control and balance over our home and working lives.

While we have seen innovation in transport, retail and leisure, the pace of innovation in many aspects of our home has been pretty slow. Outside of the living room technology hasn't really changed how we manage our homes. The way we heat, power and light our homes has not changed for decades. The last mainstream innovation in our home could be described as the mass adoption of central heating in the 1970s. Until now...

The next generation of award-winning Remote Heating Control, Hive Active Heating™ by British Gas, continues to revolutionise the way we control our homes. Hive Active Heating™ uses state of the art technology to help you sync your home with your life – with Hive you can control your heating remotely from mobile, tablet or laptop. And if you have a hot water tank, you can even control your hot water too.

Switch it on, or switch it off. Turn it up or turn it down. Whenever you want, wherever you are.  At work, on the train, in the pub or even on holiday – you can set your heating schedule to suit your life.  And when you’re at home, you can manage everything from the comfort of your sofa or bed.

A few taps on the app, a click on the online dashboard or a text message means you'll always come home to the perfect temperature. What’s more, you need never heat an empty home again.  Hive helps you wave goodbye to wasted energy, so you could save up to £150 a year on your energy bills.

So here's how it works

Hive Active Heating™ consists of three main parts – the receiver, thermostat and hub. These communicate with each other, so you can control your heating remotely with the free app and online dashboard.

Once your British Gas engineer has installed Hive Active Heating™, all you need to do is set up your account online and download the app. This will enable you to monitor the temperature of your home, both inside and out, set a schedule to suit you and make changes to your heating and hot water. If you don't own a smart phone, you can still control Hive Active Heating™ from the online dashboard or even via text.

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