The Green Deal is a government initiative which helps meet the upfront cost of making energy saving improvements. The Green Deal enables you to obtain finance for an amount that is based on the potential savings on your energy bills from the measure(s) installed. The potential savings are calculated using a formula provided by the Government.

If you move the loan remains with the property as the new owners enjoy the energy saving improvements you installed.

All about Green Deal

To start your Green Deal journey you will need to understand your home and energy use with a Green Deal Assessment.

Green Deal has a range of products that help you keep the heat in and use what you create and buy more efficiently.

Key benefits

  • Pay as you save – Install energy efficiency measures with payments spread over time.
  • Expert impartial advice – based on saving advice from a certified Green Deal Assessor.
  • Install with peace of mind – with Green Deal approved installations.
The Green Deal

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If you would like further independent advice on anything else related to Green Deal, visit the Energy Saving Trust website ( or call them on: 0300 123 1234 (local rates apply) in England, Wales or Northern Ireland, 0800 512 012* in Scotland.

Please see A Code of Practice setting out requirements for those acting as Green Deal Providers, Green Deal Assessors, or Green Deal Installers (“Green Deal Participants”), or Certification Bodies.