To get started you will need a Green Deal Assessment, a survey of your home, which will produce the personal recommendations you need to benefit from with Green Deal. Below you'll find out more about the different steps you will need to take.

Green Deal Assessment

A certified Green Deal Assessor will spend around two hours carrying out a detailed review of both the energy efficiency of your home and how you use energy. This survey will help you understand your home’s energy efficiency, assess how you and the people living there use it and recommend energy saving improvements that are tailored to your home.

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Green Deal Advice Report

Following the assessment, the same certified Green Deal Assessor will provide you with a Green Deal Advice Report with detailed findings of your Green Deal Assessment along with an Occupancy Assessment and an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). Your Green Deal Advice Report is fully portable meaning you can use these with any Green Deal Provider

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Individual Recommendations

As well as the documents which you can use with any Green Deal Provider our reports will give you advice and recommendations that you can take advantage whether through Green Deal or by installing them yourself. These individual recommendations draw on the many years experience we have keeping the Britain’s homes warm and energy efficient – all tailored to your home and the way you enjoy it.

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Green Deal Plan

Your certified Green Deal Assessor, with your permission, will establish if a Green Deal Plan is right for you and then provide a quote for the products recommended in the Green Deal Advice Report. The combination of products on your Green Deal Plan will be based on the recommendations from your certified Green Deal Assessor. Only a Green Deal Provider can offer you a Green Deal Plan.

The Green Deal Plan will form the basis of your install journey and repayment plan which includes the fixed interest rate. For added peace of mind Green Deal Plans fall under the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

Install with peace of mind

When you install with a certified Green Deal Installer you do so safe in the knowledge that they meet Green Deal standards and are authorised to operate under the Green Deal. The improvements will have to be recommended by a Green Deal Assessor and you have understood how they will be paid for. Look out for the Green Deal Quality Mark. Only accredited Green Deal Assessors, Providers and Installers can use it.

How to get a Green Deal?

You can arrange to have a British Gas Green Deal Assessment for £129 by calling 0800 107 2750. This is the first step in the Green Deal journey and will help you work out what improvements you could do to save energy. Next you can get the improvements installed and pay through your electricity bill. Giving you time to plan everything you need to a warmer and more energy efficient home.

Green Deal Assessment for £129, call 0800 107 2750.[*]

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[*] British Gas install in mainland GB only.