Phil Spencer’s top tips for the perfect home

  • Turn an old ladder into handy bathroom shelves
  • How to decorate on a budget
  • Create easy, useful storage for a home office


We all like to improve our home but, while doing it yourself can save money, it can often feel a little overwhelming. Follow my simple tips, though, and you'll be making positive changes to your space in no time. 

From the kitchen to the bedroom, I've cherry-picked seven techniques and ideas I've tried-and-tested that will upgrade and refresh your home. 


Decorate the kitchen on a budget


Kitchens can be costly. But upcycling what you already have can help to control the purse strings and make your kitchen look beautiful. Try things like repurposing worktops as shelves, stripping and re-painting cupboard doors, and searching through a salvage yard to reclaim sinks, wood and fittings such as taps. 


Remember the kitchen triangle 


Going a step further and redesigning the kitchen? Don't forget the‘golden triangle’. Coined in the USA during the 50s, the 'triangle' forms the distance between the sink, the oven and the fridge. These are the most used areas of the kitchen - the idea being that you spend less time and energy moving between them.


Use simple, cosy interiors for the living room


Taking inspiration from Scandinavian style can give your living room some modern homeliness. To get the look, it's best to add warmth to a minimal canvas - think white, chalky walls and wooden flooring. Then use fluffy rugs, cushions, throws and heavy curtains to add warmth and cosiness - along with textures that reflect nature and even a wood burner. 


Make a snug space in the bedroom


While knocking down walls can transform a space, building a new wall can also bring huge benefits. If you have a large bedroom or even a studio flat, building a dwarf wall can create a snug space for sleeping. Using different flooring can also help to separate your space into different areas. 


Make your own bathroom shelves



With the average UK bathroom no bigger than a king size mattress, space is valuable. Shelving can help to clear away clutter but instead of buying a standard unit, try some good old-fashioned DIY. You can turn an old ladder, for example, into a beautiful set of designer shelves that sit above the bath, like the ones in the video above. 


Choose a creative spot for your home office


Four million people in the UK currently work at home, while a quarter of Brits said they would rather work from home one day a week than get a pay rise. Want to join them but stuck for space? Don't worry, anywhere can become an office with an imaginative use of space. Try using a walk-in cupboard, an unused alcove or the spot under the stairs. All can be converted with shelving and a chair. 


Create smart home office storage 


Studies show that the more stuff we have around us, the harder it is to focus, switch between tasks and filter information. So create some nifty home office storage to tidy your things away. Making this handy peg board will give you a space to pop the things you use most in one place. Box files are also useful for keeping papers organised - you could even scan and save documents electronically and simply shred the hard copies. 


Want some more ideas?  Take a look at these extra tips and tricks from Phil Spencer on how to create the perfect home.


Published July 2017. All facts and figures correct at the time of publishing.

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