Phil Spencer’s smart tech essentials for your home


Connected homes are here, and in these videos property guru Phil Spencer takes you through some smart tech essentials, room by room. From the kitchen to the bedroom – and from robot vacuums to smart plugs – these are some of the smart gadgets that could make life at home much easier.

Not only can this clever connected tech give you more control around the home but it can often save you time, energy and even provide a little entertainment.


Living Room

Want to switch the heating on while you walk home from work? Want a TV you can stream your favourite videos to? Want the vacuuming to just…do itself? Phil shows you the smart TV, the robot vacuum cleaner and Hive Active Heating™.



Phil takes a look at the British Gas smart meter and its smart energy monitor – handy for seeing the energy you use in real-time. He also introduces the smart washing machine, which makes putting the washing on from the comfort of your bed a genuine possibility.            



Maybe you’re always leaving your hair straighteners on. Maybe you fancy setting the mood in your living room with a cosy pink hue. Whatever the case, you can do both with your phone, as Phil explains, with the Hive Active Light™ and the Hive Active Plug™. 



In the bathroom, Phil’s got two smart products that are designed to make looking after yourself easier than ever. Phil introduces the smart toothbrush and the smart scales.



Finally, in the hall, Phil shows you Hive Motion Sensors™. If you need to keep an eye on when your family members come and go, this one is for you.


Want to see more smart home tech? Take a look at the British Gas Smart Street video diaries, where three families share their experiences of what it’s really like to live in a connected home.


Want to get started on your own home tech journey? Find out more about smart meters, plus how to get one. 




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