About us

We look after our customers every day with energy and services

Making a difference

There’s more to us than gas and electricity

We’re empowering communities to use energy efficiently, supporting households in need and helping to build skills for a bright future.


Our people are our best asset: everyone has a role to play in driving us forward

There’s nearly 30,000 of us. And some of us have worked our way up from apprenticeships and trainee schemes.

Codes of practice

We work to a set of standards to make sure we’re always doing the right thing

We’ve got guidelines for everything from handling complaints to being more energy efficient.

Meet the team

Find out about the people leading change and shaping what we do

Mark Hodges, Managing Director, British Gas

Mark Hodges
Managing Director, British Gas

Gab Barbaro, Managing Director, British Gas Business

Gab Barbaro
Managing Director, British Gas Business

Matthew Bateman, Managing Director, British Gas Services

Matthew Bateman
Managing Director, British Gas Services

Stephen Beynon, Managing Director, Residential Energy

Stephen Beynon
Managing Director, Residential Energy

Steve Buck, Finance Director

Steve Buck
Finance Director  

Justine Campbell, General Counsel

Justine Campbell
General Counsel

David Cooper, Chief Information Officer

David Cooper
Chief Information Officer

Andy Houghton, HR Director

Andy Houghton
HR Director

Christine McGourty, Corporate Affairs Director

Christine McGourty
Corporate Affairs Director

Customer service performance

Our customer service teams are there for you every day – answering questions and solving problems

We keep track of how they’re doing because we’ve always got our eyes open for where we can be doing better.

Treating customers fairly

British Gas is focused on treating customers fairly. We set high standards of fairness and we put our customers at the heart of everything we do.


It’s good to be recognised for a job well done – so we’re proud of the awards we’ve won for our achievements

uSwitch Energy Awards 2014

uSwitch Energy Awards 2014

British Gas was named the Runner up of the 'Energy Efficiency' category in the 2014 uSwitch Energy awards.

IMRG Best Utility Supplier 2013

IMRG Best Utility Supplier 2013

The eCommerce Awards for Excellence is organised in association with IMRG, the UK's industry association for online retail.

uSwitch Energy Awards 2011

uSwitch Energy Awards 2011

British Gas was named the winner of the 'Best Online Services' category in the 2011 uSwitch Energy awards.

Our fuel mix

Detailed information about the fuels used to generate electricity

All suppliers, including British Gas, are required to provide information about the mix of fuels used to generate the electricity supplied to their customers as well as its environmental impact.

Known as the Fuel Mix Disclosure, we must publish this information annually. The table below shows the British Gas Fuel Mix Disclosure for the period 1st April 2014 to 31st March 2015.

British Gas Fuel Mix Disclosure for the period


British Gas


UK Average


Natural gas

British Gas


UK Average



British Gas


UK Average



British Gas


UK Average


Other fuels

British Gas


UK Average


CO 2 emissions

British Gas

240 g/kWh

UK Average

368 g/kWh

High-level radioactive waste

British Gas

0.0022 g/kWh

UK Average

0.0016 g/kWh

Investor relations

We’re part of Centrica PLC

We share the same values, principles and vision for the future that shape how we work every day. So their investor relations site is the best place to go for all the in depth, up-to-date information you’ll need.