All about customer services

Our teams are at the frontline, answering your questions and solving your problems every day

The latest update

How we did in September

More and more customers are getting in touch about their tariff and asking us how to get the best deal they can. These conversations take time, so unfortunately it took us longer than usual to answer calls. Now we’re looking into how we can make time for both.

On the phone

Our call centres are busiest between 9am–1pm and 4pm–7pm (so those are the times to avoid to make sure your call is answered as quickly as possible).

Most questions are answered on our website, so you might be better off going online. And once you’ve registered, you can submit meter readings, pay your bills, book an engineer – completely control your account online.

How many calls did we answer?

1,549,361 calls last month

321,401 calls last week

On average, how long did it take us to pick up?

221 seconds last month

197 seconds last week

How many calls did we return?

83% last month


How much did our customers go online?

We sorted out 2,268,367 transactions online.

How many people visited our site?


How many bills did we send online?

46% of all bills

How quickly did we answer emails from energy customers?

We answered 42% in 24 hours.
We answered 56% in 48 hours.

Out and about

How much did we visit customers’ homes?

We rushed to fix:

206,660 boiler breakdowns

47,782 home electrical problems

52,833  plumbing and drains issues

And we kept things running smoothly with:

336,812 annual boiler service visits

4,097 insulation installations

9,143 central heating installations

Sorting problems

We resolved 77% of customers’ problems the first time they contacted us.