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1 in 8 adults in the UK are unpaid carers. We’re starting a conversation about who carers are and what they do, so they can open up and get the support they need.

Caring can be difficult, talking about it shouldn’t be

We spoke to some unpaid carers and their closest friends about their caring role. Watch our short film to see the impact caring can have on people's lives and how talking can help.

Caring affects all of us

There are over 6.5 million unpaid carers in the UK, including many of our customers and employees who are caring as well as working. And most of us will care for someone who’s older, disabled or seriously ill at some point in our lives. So, we’re working with Carers UK to help carers up and down the country.

Over half of carers took over a year to recognise their caring role. If you’re a carer or think you might know someone who is, visit the Carers UK website to see what help and support is out there for you.

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Who are Carers UK?

Carers UK is the UK’s only membership charity that is providing expert advice, information and support to unpaid carers. As well as their online forum, they also run a helpline for carers and their families. For more than 50 years, everything they do has been driven by carers, raising their voices together to create a movement for change and ensuring none of them have to care alone.

About Carers UK

Why it matters to us

Caring impacts many of our employees and 1 in 8 of our customers. We’ve got a thriving carers network that offers flexible working and paid leave for colleagues who care for loved ones.

We know caring is a big part of their lives, so, it’s important to us to do what we can. That means helping carers, promote fundraising and volunteering opportunities, and encourage mass support for the caring cause.

6000 people a day begin a caring role. Together with Carers UK, we want to create a world where every carer feels recognised, valued and supported. Where every carer gets the help and support they deserve.

Caring has many effects

Caring can be lonely

We don’t want any carers to feel alone. Find out how you can connect with other like-minded carers and get support.

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Balancing care and work

Whether you care around the clock or for a few hours a week it can be challenging to juggle life and caring for a loved one. There’s help there for you.

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Mental Health

It can be a privilege to care for a loved one. But remember to care for yourself too. There’s lots of ways you can, sometimes it’s as simple as talking to a friend.

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It’s time to #ShareThatYouCare

Caring can be challenging, and many carers are uncomfortable talking to others around them about their role as a carer. Through our campaign, we want to help give the UK’s carers a voice and get the support and information they need.

#ShareThatYouCare to show your support.

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