Balancing work and care Work or care, it shouldn't be a choice

1 in 7 adults in the UK are juggling work and care, and many feel they must leave work to care for a loved one.

Do we really know how carers feel?

We spoke to some unpaid carers who shared what it’s like to balance caring for a loved one with work. Watch our short film to find out what they said.

Are you considering leaving work to care?

600 people a day leave work because of their caring role and many reduce their hours. This can be for a number of reasons, from lack of flexibility or support from their employer to difficulty finding the right care services that are affordable and reliable for the person they care for. If you’re balancing the two or know someone who is, Carers UK offer support and resources to help you with your decision.

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Why it matters

There are over 6.5 million unpaid carers in the UK and one in 10 carers (12%) said they had taken a less qualified job or turned down a promotion because of their caring responsibilities. Most of us will care for someone who’s older, disabled or seriously ill at some point in our lives. So, we’re working with Carers UK to help carers up and down the country. If you or someone you know is a carer, there’s help and support out there for you.

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It’s time to #ShareThatYouCare

Caring can be challenging, and many carers are uncomfortable talking to others around them about their role as a carer. Through our campaign, we want to help give the UK’s carers a voice and get the support and information they need.

#ShareThatYouCare to show your support.

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