Caring for the people of Britain

We've teamed up with the wonderful folk at Carers UK to give the country's fantastic carers all the help they need

We’re tackling bad living conditions

Shelter helps millions of people every year struggling with bad housing or homelessness through  advice, support and legal services

And they campaign to make sure that, one day, no one will have to turn to them for help.

We’re working with Shelter to improve standards in privately rented homes. At the moment, 30% of privately rented homes don’t meet the Government’s Decent Homes Standard[1]. We’ve campaigned to make positive changes in the law. And we’re working on the ground too, giving advice and practical help, like better insulation.

Our people also raise money for Shelter, as well as giving their time through volunteering.

We’ve put a stop to retaliatory evictions

In October 2015 a new law was passed which makes it harder for landlords to evict a tenant for asking for improvements to be made to the condition of a property. This is a huge step towards ending retaliatory evictions.

We’ve made private rented houses safer

Thanks to our joint campaigning with Shelter Scotland, it will be mandatory in Scotland for private landlords to install carbon monoxide alarms in their homes and do an electrical check every five years.

And in England, the government has drafted regulations that means soon landlords will have to fit a carbon monoxide alarm in every room with a fuel burning appliance.

We’re funding advisers

The Shelter advisers funded by the British Gas Energy Trust give face-to-face advice to people struggling to pay their bills. We’re funding advisers all over the UK, and since the start of our partnership, they’ve been able to help nearly 4,500 clients. The Trust has awarded £204,000 to Shelter clients who can’t pay the bills.

We’re volunteering and raising money

British Gas employees have raised over £1 million for Shelter. And they’ve been volunteering their time to help the cause, too. 

[1] DCLG, English Housing Survey 2012-13 Table 12: Non-decent homes by tenure, 2006 – 2012, (February 2014).