Using your remote heating control

First, check the kit is switched on. Read our advice and if it's still not fixed, get in touch with us. If your thermostat has been replaced with Hive please see the Hive help guide here.

What should I do if my Remote Heating Control isn't working?

You can check four things. If you need help, call the customer support team on 0333 202 9614[4].

What to try

  1. Check your broadband connection. Is it working? Check your router. Are the lights on? Try plugging it in to another socket - does that make a difference? If your broadband is down, talk to your internet provider. In the meantime, control your heating with your wall thermostat.
  2. Check your Remote Heating Control hub is working. Check it's connected to the mains power and switched on.
  3. Check your smart plugs are switched on - if you have them. If you use them to boost your signal, check they're switched on at the socket.
  4. Check your Smart Linked Thermostat. Turn the temperature up on your Thermostat until the flame symbol appears.

What if my heating doesn't come back on?

You need one of our engineers to come take a look. Call 0333 202 9614[4].

What if my heating comes on but it's still not fixed?

You need help from our technical support team. Call 0333 202 9614[4].