Smart meters for business

Smart meters are the clever way to measure your business energy use

What is a smart meter?

A smart meter is a gas or electricity meter that works by sending meter readings using technology similar to a mobile phone. The new generation of smart meters are called SMETS2.

SMETS2 works differently to other Smart meters, data is first sent into a communications hub and is sent directly to the communications company called the Data and Communications Company (DCC).

The DCC is a smart meter communications infrastructure that will link energy suppliers to smart meters via a secure wireless network.

Once you're connected we'll regularly receive your smart meter readings. With your smart readings your bills will be more accurate as you'll only be charged for the energy you've used. You won't have to submit monthly readings any longer.

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Why upgrade to a smart meter

No extra cost

  • We'll install your smart meter at no cost to you. [1]

Saves time

  • As you won't have to submit your monthly meter readings.

Accurate bills

  • Once your smart meter is connected and sending smart readings to us you'll receive accurate bills.

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Why are we upgrading smart meters for businesses?

Meeting GB's energy commitments

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Upgrading to smart meters is part of a national commitment to reducing energy use in Great Britain. The UK Government wants energy suppliers to install smart meters in all homes and businesses by the end of 2024.

Business smart meter data opt out

If you don’t want us to do anything with your business smart meter data other than calculate your bills, it’s easy to opt out.

If you're half-hourly settled, you can't opt out as we collect your half hourly data for billing purposes.

Smart meters in the commercial world

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