If you’ve got responsibility for office budgets, take our 1-minute quiz to see if you’re up to date on business energy facts. You may pick up some useful savings tips…

Energy IQ

1. How many business smart meters have we installed so far?


2. How much does it cost our customers to upgrade to a smart meter?


3. What type of engineer should you use to check your business appliances?

Commercial engineer
Domestic engineer
Local handyman

4. What is the most energy efficient way to heat your property?

Have a well insulated building and programme the heating to come on when you need it
Programme the heating to come on when you need it
Leave the heating on all day

5. What is the main use of energy in an office?


6. What does MPRN for a gas supply stand for?

Meter Plan Reference Number
Meter Point Referral Number
Meter Point Reference Number

7. What does MPAN for an electricity supply stand for?

Meter Plan Account Number
Meter Point Account Number
Meter Point Administration Number

8. Which of these uses the least amount of energy to achieve the same brightness?

LED light bulb
Halogen light bulb
Energy saving light bulb

9. Reducing room temperatures by just 1°C can cut fuel consumption in a typical office by around


10. A computer and monitor left on 24 hours a day will cost around

£45 a year
£50 a year
£10 a year

11. Switching computer and monitors off out of hours and enabling standby features could reduce this to less than

£5 a year
£20 a year
£10 a year

12. Buildings occupied by a public authority (of 250 square meters or more) need to display a DEC (Display Energy Certificate) from which date

Jan 2015
Jan 2020
Jan 2013
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