Myth busting: Smart meters 101

When it comes to smart meters, there are many myths about. What will it mean for your business? Will it raise energy bills? Do you need to worry that your smart meter will cause problems? We are here to answer the most common concerns you have.

Myth #1: With a smart meter, I have to take care of energy readings

Many people believe that a smart meter will require more active participation on their part. They want someone to come out, read the meter, and report it for them; or at the very least, they don’t want to change the way they send in their readings. The good news is, your smart meter will be no more difficult for you to use than having a traditional meter reader come out and check your readings, and it’s considerably easier than sending them yourself. Once it’s installed, it automatically sends your energy readings to your provider. There’s no effort involved on your part!

Myth #2: Smart meters can’t be that much more accurate

Your energy bill right now, rather than being an exact amount, may be an estimate. Your energy company might not be able to read every meter every month. Instead, they’ll create an estimate based on past energy use in this month and how much energy you’ve been using in your business over the course of the year. The next month, after a reading, you’ll get a more accurate charge. Depending on the estimate though, this may mean a substantial difference in your energy bill! With a smart meter, on the other hand, you’ll get an accurate reading every month. This should mean no more confusion!

Myth #3: Smart meters won’t change anything

Using a smart meter can accomplish several things for your business. Not only can it help save time and money, it can help you decrease your overall energy use too. Since you’ll get a fully accurate look at exactly how much energy your business is using, you can use this to help decrease your overall energy usage. You’ll be able to see immediately how your energy use changes based on the steps you take within your business and quickly correct any problems.

Myth #4: Smart meters stop at reading energy

Smart meters read and report your energy consumption, but they could also accomplish several other things, including notifying you of power outages if you’re offsite and providing real-time monitoring of your actual energy usage. Many business owners find that they can use this technology to keep their business operating more efficiently and even change the way they evaluate energy costs and usage. Simply installing a smart meter can mean big changes for your business–including changes that can help decrease your energy bill. With a smart energy meter, you can make your energy management more effective than ever!

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