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KONE gives tall buildings a lift

Finnish manufacturer KONE has developed the UltraRope: a super-light, super-strong carbon fibre cable system, coated in a special friction-proof material, that can carry lifts higher than they’ve ever been before.
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20 Oct 2016

The future is wireless

Plugging in your phone is so 2015. The future of charging is wireless, if the markets are any indication. It’s not hard to see why the new technology is an attractive proposition.
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15 Sep 2016

Look up – a bus is overtaking you!

Unless you work at home or very close, you’re unlikely to enjoy your commute to work. Traffic, sink holes appearing on the track and other endless delays leave us frustrated and exhausted before we have…
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09 Aug 2016

The Hyperloop high-speed rail network

Forget the government’s proposed HS2, which could take commuters from Manchester to London in just over an hour, The Hyperloop would take just 30 minutes to go from Edinburgh to London – that’s over twice…
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21 Jul 2016

What is hydrogen power?

British tech firm Intelligent Energy has demonstrated a revolutionary new iPhone battery made from a hydrogen fuel cell, so we thought it was about time to dispel some myths about hydrogen power. Is it safe?…
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15 Jul 2016

Can Boomy McBoomface save the oceans?

It seems almost too good to be true – a method of cleaning up the oceans that requires virtually no energy and has no negative impact on the environment. But that’s what’s planned as the…
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05 Jul 2016

DNA data storage

It holds the secrets to our personal genetic makeup, and if techies have their way it could soon hold all our digital information too. Tech giant Microsoft is investing heavily in DNA as the newest…
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28 Jun 2016