Top 5 business apps for Android and iPhone

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From idle distractions to keeping track of your business electricity usage, if there’s even a mild demand for something, you can bet there’s already an app for it.

But don’t waste time or battery with low-quality gimmicks that you’ll probably never open.  Take a look at our top 5 apps for helping you get through the working day.

1. CamScanner (Minimum iOS 6 and Android 3.0)

Best for: teamwork on documents

When it comes to property deals and legal agreements – or even just old-fashioned clients – we’re still a way off from paperless. How do you beat the paperwork slowdown?

Camscanner  lets you use your phone’s camera to scan physical documents and convert them into PDF files.  It lets you add notes, organise and search large numbers of documents, and send or upload them through your email or cloud storage services.

It can even auto-crop and tidy up your scans, for those of us lacking any decent photography skills.

It already has over 100 million users across the world, and the basic functions are free. You’ll only need to pay if you want to remove the watermark or invite more than 10 people to collaborate on a single document.

2. Invoice2go (Minimum iOS 7 and Android 4.0.3)

Best for: high-volume jobs and payments

As far as business activities go, sending off invoices and chasing down payments probably isn’t at the top of your favourites list.  Luckily, an app like Invoice2go can make the whole process easier: they claim that their customers save an average of 3 hours per week, and get paid an average of 7 days faster.

You can create customised invoices with your company’s logo as soon as you’ve finished a job, as well as generate estimates and purchase orders.

But it’s not just a flashy tool for coming up with templates.

It automatically creates reports and charts based on your invoices, so you can more easily keep track of who’s paid and who still owes you money – especially useful for businesses that take on a higher number of smaller jobs.

You can sign up for a 14-day free trial, and their most popular package is just £69 a year.  That means that, for less than 20p a day, you can create an unlimited number of invoices for up to 200 different clients.

You’ll also get a number of additional apps from the same company that can help you keep track of your expenses, generate customer statements and add product details from barcodes.

3. Call Recorder (Minimum iOS 6)

Best for: client-facing workers

When you’re trying to impress an important client, it doesn’t sound good when they can hear you tapping away at your keyboard to take notes.  And if you’re discussing something technical or complex, it can be nearly impossible to get all the details down.

The solution – especially when you’re on the move – is to simply record the phone call for later reference.  That way, you can continue to charm without worrying about being able to remember the finer points later on.This free app will let you listen to the first 60 seconds of any call you’ve recorded – beyond that, you’ll need to buy the £7.99 Pro Upgrade.

But make sure you test out the free version first: mobile networks that don’t support 3-way calling probably won’t let Call Recorder work properly.

4. Splashtop Remote Desktop (Minimum iOS 5 and Android 2.3)

Best for: work on the go and OOO meetings

As we all know, things don’t always go to plan.  Sometimes you forget to save your latest files to your cloud storage, or sometimes you make the embarrassing error of sending an email without the important attachment.  As luck would have it, you often don’t realise your mistakes until you’re far away from the office.

Fortunately, with Splashtop, you can still get full access to your work computer, wherever you are.

This app lets you take remote control of your desktop, as if you were still sitting at your desk.  You can even give a trusted colleague the ability to access your computer remotely from their own device.

For personal use, the app costs £3.99, letting you access your computer through a local network, with a charge of £12.99 per year if you want to take remote control over the internet from anywhere.

For business use, Splashtop‘s licences start at US$60 per year (around £38) – but that could be a small price to pay for a fully flexible working lifestyle.

5. BuzzFeed News (Minimum iOS 8 – Android launch due Autumn 2015)

Best for: lunch breaks

One of the most important parts of anyone’s working day a proper break – forgetting about the business for just a few minutes and giving your poor brain a chance to collect itself.

But that doesn’t mean you want to be caught playing Farmville when you’re on the clock.  The BuzzFeed News App, fortunately, is a healthy mix of serious news and cheerful amusement.

So while you’re scrolling through GIFs and memes of slapstick gym fails, you can at least quickly switch to a more cerebral report when your co-workers suddenly appear.

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