Why do I need charging points for my electric cars and vans?
Will my vehicle or charging solutions be damaged if a vehicle is plugged in for too long?
Are your charging points compatible with all types of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles?
What if my vehicle needs charging while it's out on the road?
What happens if there is a fault with my charger?
How will I be able to access the public charging network?
What happens if I move house or premises?
What do I do if I want to move the charger on my current property?
Do I need to own my own property to have a charging unit installed?
Do I need to be a British Gas customer?
What is a dedicated circuit?
Why do I need it?
What standards will the electrical installation work comply with?

Charging solutions for business

To find out more about our charging solutions for business email us on evenquiries@britishgas.co.uk

*Charging times assume the battery is charged constantly at the max rate with 100% efficient charging. Calculations based on using a 16A charging unit compared to a 10A 3 pin plug socket. Actual charging times depend on the vehicle's charging cycle, the size of the electric vehicle battery and the charging current (amps) of the charging point.