Fleet cars

British Gas made a public commitment to have 10% of its 13,000 commercial fleet using electric vehicles by 2017 and expect this to reduce their carbon emissions by 3,277 tonnes, or 7.3%.

In 2013 British Gas, in partnership with Nissan, set out on one of the UK’s largest commercial trials of electric vehicle technology. Using the Nissan e-NV200 fully electric van, 28 service and repair engineers in Scotland, North East England and West London converted from their diesel van to the low carbon vehicle.


The trial was considered such a success that the team took delivery of 100 vans in 2014.


The feedback we have received from the British Gas engineers has been invaluable as it has ensured that the e-NV200 on sale is well suited to British road and business conditions and we have high expectations for its future and ongoing success.

Jim Wright, Nissan GB Managing Director 


Environmental impact

With the average British Gas van emitting 3.75 tonnes per year, British Gas saved 70.5 tonnes (approx) during the trial. British Gas are now saving 375 tonnes of CO² per year with 100 electric vans.


Cost effectiveness

The electric vehicles represent a saving over their diesel counterparts, as long as they drive at least 10,000 miles a year, to pass the breakeven point. In London the cost savings could be as high as 20%, with other locations representing about a 6-10% saving over diesel.


Award winning fleet

In 2014, British Gas secured two prizes at the Green Fleet Awards, which recognises the achievements of strong environmental fleet management and green motoring. British Gas gained top places for the Private Sector Fleet of the Year (for medium to large fleets) and the Outstanding Achievement Award for the partnership with Nissan and a leasing partner for conducting the trial.


Download full case study (pdf, 97KB)

Charge and go

British Gas helps businesses integrate electric into their fleets and charging at their workplace. Using our expertise and experience of launching electric into our own fleet, and as industry leaders in charging infrastructure, we have already helped several businesses make this step.