We'll service your gas appliances keeping them safe and maintained

With Careplan 1 you can relax knowing your gas appliance or boiler will be serviced to the highest standard.

Available for

  • Boilers, heating and hot water appliances
  • Gas laundry appliances
  • Gas catering appliances (gas ovens, steamers and grills)

Why choose Careplan 1

  • UK helpline open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Annual service by Local Gas Safe registered British Gas engineers
  • A gas appliance safety record
  • We'll advise you if you need to make improvements to meet the laws and regulations for gas safety
  • Optional Premier of Landlords Gas Safety Record to help keep your staff safe and your business compliant

If you're looking for a plan to protect a boiler, heating or hot water appliance, we also offer more comprehensive Careplans which include help if there’s a breakdown.

Premier Gas Safety Record

Premier Gas Safety Record


£51.00*/ year

More about our Premier Gas Safety Record

How Careplan can help your business

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*Terms & conditions (exclusions apply). Careplan 1 price of £95.00 is based on a boiler up to 40 kW outside of London. Careplan 1 is payable annually. The price of your Careplan will vary based on business location, type and size of the appliance to be included in your plan. Careplan 2, 2S, 3 and 3S are payable annually or by Direct Debit. All plans are renewable annually. All prices quoted exclude VAT and VAT will be charged at an additional 20%.
Careplan Terms & Conditions (pdf, 471kb)