What is a gas safety check?

A gas safety check is an inspection or service of your business gas appliance or boiler by a Gas Safe registered engineer. They’ll check your appliance to make sure it’s running efficiently and safe.

Why you need a gas appliance service

A faulty boiler or gas appliance could waste you money on energy, or worse, start leaking carbon monoxide. Because carbon monoxide is colourless and doesn’t smell, it’s hard to know if one of your appliances starts leaking gas. To help keep your business safe and comply with your legal obligations, a gas safety inspection is strongly recommended each year. This should always be completed by a Gas Safe registered engineer. Your key obligations are found in:

  • The Health & Safety at Work Act (1974)
  • Workplace Regulations 1992
  • Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998

We'll help keep your business legal and safe

We’ll help you stay compliant with gas safety regulations. We have a range of Careplan packages that help keep your gas equipment and appliances safe, working and efficient. Each Careplan includes an annual service by a highly qualified British Gas engineer to help you comply with your legal obligations and reduce the risk of carbon monoxide.
Our Careplans are available for:

  • Heating and hot water appliances
  • Catering equipment (gas ovens, steams & grills)
  • Laundry equipment (gas irons & gas tumble dryers)

*Terms & conditions (exclusions apply). Careplan 1 price of £95.00 is based on a boiler up to 40 kW outside of London. Careplan 1 is payable annually. The price of your Careplan will vary based on business location, type and size of the appliance to be included in your plan. Careplan 2, 2S, 3 and 3S are payable annually or by Direct Debit. All plans are renewable annually. All prices quoted exclude VAT and VAT will be charged at an additional 20%.
Careplan Terms & Conditions (pdf, 471kb)