EV charge point DNO application

What you need to know.

Your Distribution Network Operator, also known as DNO, look after your home’s electricity service cable and cut-out fuse. There are around 14 DNOs across the UK, each one looking after a different region.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Why does British Gas need to contact them?

As part of our survey, we calculate the amps (electrical current) your home uses. If your home uses more than 60 amps, we have to tell your DNO about the EV charge point installation, just in case they need to carry out any upgrade work to the service cable or cut-out fuse.

What if I use below 60 amps?

If you use below 60 amps, we can carry out the charge point install and tell the DNO after the installation has taken place.

I have been waiting to hear back regarding my DNO application for almost 2 weeks, but I haven’t heard anything. Is this normal?

Most DNO applications take around 10 working days to process. If after 10 working days there is no response from the DNO, we’ll start chasing them regularly to get a response.

My DNO has contacted me and said I need a fuse upgrade – what does this mean?

Fuse upgrades are usually needed when applying for an EV charge point install. They allow your meter to cope with the energy an EV charge point will use. Your DNO will contact you to arrange the work and will need access to your meter.

My DNO has told me I need to get my ‘meter tails’ upgraded before they can upgrade my fuse. What are these, and why is this?

Meter tails are cables between your meter and cut-out fuse. If you do not have a cut-out fuse, they are cables from the meter to your consumer unit (otherwise known as the fuse box). They need upgrading when a fuse is upgraded to 100 amps to allow for a higher electrical current.

We would be able to upgrade the cable from the cut-out fuse to the consumer unit, but this would be additional work from the EV charge point install.

Will I have to pay extra for DNO upgrade work/fuse upgrades?

It depends on the type of upgrade work that’s needed. Some fuse upgrades of up to 80 amps can be free. Your DNO will discuss any costs with you before starting the upgrade work. In some cases, your DNO may send you a letter of acceptance which you will need to agree to and return before the upgrade work can start.

Would the cost of any energy provider/DNO upgrade work be taken off the price of the charger install?

No, these costs are separate from the cost of the EV charge point installation. DNO upgrade costs are to be paid to the relevant third parties.