Economy 7 tariff for Dimplex Quantum storage heaters

Got Dimplex Quantum storage heaters? We have an exclusive Economy 7 tariff only available to Dimplex customers. You’ll get a cheap night rate of 9.9p per kWh between 12.30 – 7.30am each day.

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Want to switch to our Dimplex Quantum tariff? Call us on 0333 202 9756

Lines are open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm. Please have your HUB ID and Pin to hand as we’ll need it to check your Dimplex devices are eligible for the tariff.

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To get this special storage heater tariff, you’ll need:

  • Dimplex Quantum storage heaters fitted.
  • A Dimplex Hub – with your Quantum heaters connected.
  • Pay for your bills by monthly Direct Debit or receipt of your bills.1
  • An Economy 7 meter or a smart meter.2

Great news!

Looks like you’ve got all the required kit set up and you’re eligible for our exclusive Dimplex Quantum Tariff.

Call now to get your energy quote. Mon-Fri 9am-5pm. Please have your HUB ID and Pin to hand as we’ll need it.

0333 202 97563

We've found your devices, but there's a problem

It could be that your Dimplex Quantum heaters aren’t the correct version for this new tariff; but don’t worry, they can be easily upgraded so they are compatible.

Here’s what to do:

  1. My property and the heaters in it belong to a Housing Association:
    Ask your Tenant Liaison Officer to contact to make arrangements for the necessary upgrades.
  2. I own my property and the heaters in it:
    Please call us on 0333 202 9756 and we will organise an upgrade with Dimplex for you.
  3. I rent my property from a private landlord:
    Please ask your landlord to call us on 0333 202 9756 and we will organise an upgrade with Dimplex for you.

We’ve not been able to find your Dimplex devices.

Please check you’ve given us the right details. Make sure your Hub is switched on, connected to the internet and connected to your Quantum storage heaters.

If you’re sure you have, then your devices aren’t compatible with this tariff. You can still get a quote for one of our available tariffs.



Great news!

Looks like you’ve got all the required kit set up and you’re eligible for our exclusive Dimplex Quantum Tariff.

You also have some other Dimplex devices connected to your Hub. Please note that these will be disconnected from the Hub if you sign up to the Dimplex Quantum Tariff, but you can still control these through the device itself.

Call now to get your energy quote. Mon-Fri 9am-5pm. Please have your HUB ID and Pin to hand as we’ll need it.

0333 202 97563

Your Dimplex Hub ID is found on the rear of the hub. It’s the long code next to GDID. It’ll be made up of numbers and letters, for example: 06011C3F005B.

Your Pin code can also be found on the rear of the hub. It's 6 digits long, for example: 647462.

Check your eligibility

Not eligible for the Dimplex Quantum Tariff?

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How does the Dimplex Quantum Tariff save me money?

As part of our award winning4 partnership with Dimplex, we’ve designed this tariff to offer low-cost electricity, helping keep your bills down and your home warm comfortable.

This tariff is the first of its kind, all powered by the smart technology in your storage heaters.

  • Dimplex Quantum storage heaters have technology inside them that we can use to communicate with the National Grid.
  • We can make sure your heaters store the energy you need when it’s cheapest, which is usually at night.
  • Your heaters are then able to release the stored heat for when you need it.

It’s better for the environment too:

  • We’ll control your heater charging during the night. That's when pressure on the grid is lower, and we can take advantage of cleaner, renewable electricity.


The Dimplex Quantum tariff is just one of the ways we are rewarding customers for better energy use through our PeakSave initiatives. PeakSave rewards customers for changing how and when they use electricity helping to reduce demand at its busiest.

More about PeakSave

Don’t have a Dimplex Quantum storage heater?

This is a special-price Economy 7 tariff we can offer to customers who have a Dimplex Quantum storage heating system.

If you have storage heaters installed from a different manufacturer, we can’t offer you this tariff, but you can still get an energy quote and pick from our available tariffs.

How do Dimplex Quantum storage heaters work?

Quantum from Dimplex, is one of the world’s most advanced electric space heaters. Like other smart storage heaters, it stores heat using off-peak electricity. This off-peak electricity is cheaper for you because it’s when there’s less demand on the National Grid. The heater then releases the stored heat for whenever you need it.

The Quantum smart storage heater can adapt to your usage, lifestyle and climate conditions. This means that will only provide heat when it’s required, making sure less energy and money is wasted.

Is it worth upgrading my storage heaters?

If you already have electric storage heaters in your home, but they’re older, you might want to consider upgrading them. New models can hold more heat for longer periods. They also have better insulation to make sure heat is only released when it’s needed (often via a fan-assisted system). Many modern storage heaters also feature a thermostat and timer or programmer. This means you can set heat to be released at the time that suits you.

Newer models are better for control, heat retention and overall efficiency.

More information about Dimplex Quantum heaters.

Frequently asked questions

Can I keep the Dimplex Quantum tariff if move home?

Planning on moving soon? Sadly, you can’t take this special tariff with you when you move home.

Can I sign up to this tariff if I have a prepayment / Pay As You Go meter?

The Dimplex Quantum tariff is only available to customers who pay by monthly Direct Debit of pay on receipt of their bills. It’s not available to prepayment customers. Please get a quote for one of our Pay As You Go tariffs.

Can I get this tariff if I am a tenant?

Yes. You can be a homeowner or a tenant and get this tariff. You just need to have Dimplex Quantum storage heaters at your home.

Additional information

  1. This tariff isn't available for prepayment / Pay As You Go meters.

  2. You must agree to us replacing this with a Smart Economy 7 meter within 30 days of getting the tariff.

  3. We may record calls to help improve our service to you. Calls to 0800 numbers are free from mobiles and landlines. Calls to 0330 / 0333 numbers will cost you no more than 01 or 02 numbers from landlines and mobiles and may be included with your call package if you get 'inclusive minutes'. Text messages are charged at your standard message rate and may be included in your call package.

  4. The Energy Awards 2023, Net Zero initiative – Heating and Cooling Winner: Glen Dimplex, Centrica & Midland Heart, Domestic Demand Side Response Collaboration.

  5. Edie Net-Zero Awards 2023. Smart Systems and Flexibility Project of the Year Winner: Glen Dimplex, Centrica and Midland Heart – Increasing renewable generation with smart heat batteries.