Our supply terms and conditions for gas and electricity

We’re making changes to our domestic energy supply terms 

Energy supply terms for existing customers on supply before 20 June 2022

Energy supply terms for new customers from 21.06.22 and all customers from 31.08.22

Ofgem has introduced some new rules for energy suppliers, and we need to update our terms to reflect the changes. We’ve also made some sections of our terms clearer. These changes take effect from 31 August 2022. Should you decide to switch, they won’t affect you as long as your new supplier lets us know before 28th September 2022. Though of course we’d love you to stay with us.

Please take some time to read the table below to understand how the changes might affect you.

Section Heading The changes we’ve made
5 Your supply

If you agree an energy supply contract with us after the new faster switching rules come into force, we’ll usually start supplying your property as soon as reasonably practicable and at the latest within 5 working days from the day we begin the process of taking over your supply. This timescale won’t apply if one of the exceptions set out in our terms applies to your switch.

Section 5 also explains how we calculate the 5-day working period.

6 When your switch could be delayed

We have removed one of the reasons why your switch could be delayed.

32 When we can change your contract

We’ve changed the wording of section 32. After 31 August 2022, if we make a change to your contract and that change puts you at a disadvantage (including if we increase your prices where your tariff allows us to), we’ll give you reasonable notice of the change before it takes effect.

However, if Ofgem increases the price cap rates at short notice, we may not be able to give you as much notice as we normally would. If this is the case, where possible, we’ll give you as much notice as is reasonably practicable.

34 How price changes will be applied to your meter

Section 34 now makes it clear that if your gas or electricity prices change and you have a prepayment meter, you might need to top up and use your card, key or token with your meter for the new prices to take effect.

This won’t be the case for all prepayment customers but is something that might happen.

44 Moving Home

We’ve made it clearer that we may be able to transfer your current tariff to your new property if you move home. This is not always possible.

Changes to the Welcome Together, Flexi PAYG Mar 2023 & Safeguard Tariff Terms

We're also making a change to the Welcome Together tariff, Flexi PAYG Mar 2023 tariff and Safeguard & Safeguard v2 tariffs terms and conditions. If you are on one of these tariffs and we increase your prices after the 31 August 2022, we’ll give you reasonable notice of the price increase before it takes effect.

If Ofgem increases the price cap rates at short notice, where possible, we’ll give you as much notice of the price increase as is reasonably practicable.

Our PriceCap tariffs

Standard Variable


Tariff Price details (XLS - 90 KB)


Tariff Price details (XLS - 114 KB)

Safeguard PAYG


Tariff Price details (XLS - 87 KB)


Tariff Price details (XLS - 110 KB)